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On I-15, about 25 miles south of the California/ Nevada border, is one of the most unique country stores you will find on this highway. We thrive on bringing you everything you need to make this your one-stop-shop for your travels and we're now online!!


We have taken our handcrafted gourmet jerky and put it online to make it easier for you to get it all around the country, no matter where you are. Now you don't have to wait 'till that next road trip to satisfy that craving, just visit our online store and fill up your cart!


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We would love for you to stop in our store if your in the area. People always admire the architecture of our building, with some people even saying that it looks like what they would imagine the bottom of Noah's Ark to look. 



Our building was actually built back in the 1950's and was formerly a Stuckey's, an old time roadside convenience store and restaurant found along the highways all through out the United States. Most of them have since gone away, but some still exist around today. Since then, this building has been turned into a gas station, and in 2009, it became the headquarters of the Cima Mining Company.


We go out of our way to find you a large selection of all natural snacks like nuts, trail mixes, and dried fruit to our famous gourmet, handcrafted jerky. We also carry a large selection of sweet chocolates, nostalgic candies and souvenirs. We have everything to meet your needs. If you’re feeling a little parched, we have a great selection of cold, healthy refreshments to quench your thirst or choose from our selection of over 200 different bottled soda pops for something a bit more sweet.  


Over the years, many our customers have made this place a must stop for their travels. We are so pleased to see people bring their family and friends to show them where they got that snack they love or even show them that, not-so-secret, waterfall urinal that they can’t stop telling you about.


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